What will Olympia City Church be in 2017?  What will be the stories we tell at the end of the year?  What do we need to start doing today to end up in the right place tomorrow?

We think there are three words that help paint a picture of what we hope 2017 will be for OCC.  Remember, when we say church we mean the men, women, and children that make up OCC.  We say this because OCC is not a place but a people on mission to make disciples who make disciples.


So we want to be a people who GO, scattered in CityGroups as you follow Jesus in loving God and loving others.  We also want to be a people who GIVE in order to support the body of Christ with our time, talents and treasure.  Finally, we want to be a people who are committed to GROW, meeting regularly with a few friends to encourage one another in the gospel.