One way to begin growing in wisdom as you walk through life as a disciple is through connecting with others in a Fight Club.  We’ve learned that it is hard to walk the Christian life alone.  Actually, it was never meant to be that way.  There are so many internal and external struggles in life, and the flesh tends to pull us in the direction we least desire.  We think disciples need other disciples in their lives so they can continue to be discipled.  Get connected with a Fight Club today!

Fight Clubs are simple groups of 2-3 men or women who meet regularly to walk through Scripture, fight sin, and fight for their belief in the gospel.  Men meet with men and women meet with women.  We recommend setting aside one hour each week or every other week to read Scripture, fight sin, and fight for belief in the gospel.

How to get started?

Fight Clubs involve people who build a close relationship.  We keep them small enough to be transparent, mirroring what we see Jesus doing in scripture.  Pick people who you know and trust.  When Fight Clubs have a solid level of trust, the more committed they will be.

One of the first steps you will want to take is picking a day and time to meet.  Get out your calendars and together select a good time to meet once a week or every other week.  Lock in at least one hour for your time together.  Also, select a quiet place where you can comfortably talk and read scripture.  This time needs to be regular and committed.

What better place to start your discussion than the Bible?  Yes, you’ll want to select a book of the Bible to read together.  This step is very important, as your Fight Club strives to allow scripture and the Spirit to guide your conversations about life, sin, temptation, joys, and heartaches.  We recommend, as we have gained from others, taking the Text – Theology – Life form.  Look at the Bible together (Text), discuss the meaning of the text (Theology), and then make life application (Life).  If you don’t take this route you’ll end up spending all your time talking about life, leaving out the most vital piece of biblical counsel.

We discovered a great resource to help you get started…

Fight Club: An Intro


Are you interested in starting a Fight Club?  Do you want to have other disciples around you to speak into your life and remind you of the gospel?  Do you truly desire to be freed from the sin that has gripped you for so long?  Start a Fight Club.  Begin by talking with your CG Leader.  Also, feel free to contact one of our pastors for more info.