We are Sent….

Why are we sent?

Because King Jesus did what no other king has ever done. He left His royal throne and came to become one of us. He breathed, slept, ate, worked and built relationships to show us what kingdom living really looked like. Not only did he live the kingdom life but He did what no other King has ever done by laying down His life for the traitor race to restore a right relationship with God.

So now King Jesus calls us to go into our neighborhoods, our jobs, and our cities to live the kingdom life to restore all things back to God through Him.

We are to Share….

As we are sent we are also called to share. We are to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and to make lifelong disciples. Some of the ways we try to fulfill this mission is by: opening our homes, sharing a meal, telling our story, sharing our lives, inviting them to our City Group, and plugging them into a Fight Club. By doing these things we believe God will convict and awaken a new life.

We are to Serve…

We are created to serve and impact our neighborhood, our city, our country, and all nations. We do these things because scripture tells us that there is a grand movement happening. This movement is meant to display God’s glory. Our goal at Olympia City Church is to serve others in a way that King Jesus will be displayed. As we become His hands and His feet, we pray people will glorify Him and Him only.