OCC Family,

Sunday was incredible!  I had such a blast looking at discipling children with you.  I hope you walked away challenged and full of hope.  I pray this week you’ve pushed to create a gospel-centered focus in your home.  I pray you’ve been more present with your family.

It was so moving to see 3 folks from our OCC family openly declare faith in Jesus through baptism.  As they entered the waters I hope you were reminded of Christ’s death.  As they came out of the water I hope you were reminded of the completed work of Christ.

Thank you so much to everyone who had a hand in set up, child care and tear down.  We could not pull off an excellent worship gathering without the volunteers.

As you continue to disciple your children, as pastors we will continue to equip you in that process.  We are continually updating a list of resources.  You can find this on our CHILDREN’S PAGE.  These resources are ones we have used and believe will serve you well.  At the same time we have written a weekly guide to help with family devotion/worship time.  You can download these parent cues to your device so they are easily accessible.  I always say, feel free to add to what is written to fit the age you have in your home.  At the end of the parent cue you will see PLAY TIME.  Make time for this!  Take your family out to enjoy the outdoors, basking in the creation of God and talk about him while you play.  Remember to take pictures!


“…I am with you always even to the end of the world.”  Jesus spoke these words ending his commission to his disciples.  I believe these tend to be some of the most overlooked words when we consider making disciples.  Discipling your children is a never ending and ever changing task.  On top of this, the reality is we aren’t the best disciple makers.  We will fail and we will fall short.  However, there is hope in the reality that Jesus is with us always and is faithful.  He will never leave us or forsake us.  He knows what it is like to make disciples and he sticks around to help us pull it off.

I am praying for you this week, OCC family.  I pray you will find a fight club and allow yourself to be discipled for the sake of your home.  I pray you will be present with your family.  Turn off the TV, sit down the phone and be present.  I pray you will spend time worshiping God together with your family.  At the end of the day, remember we are shaping the hearts of young boys and girls who will become men and women, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers.  They need you!

If you weren’t able to come to our gathering you can still catch the sermon.

Have an excellent week and enjoy everyday life with your CITYgroup!

Grace and peace,
– Jonathan