OCC Family,

I am excited about Sunday’s upcoming worship service for so many reasons!  First, because we are going to be meeting in a new venue for our gathering at 1835 Cooper Point Rd SW in Olympia.

Secondly, I’m excited about this Sunday because we will be commissioning the Slonekers to begin their CityGroup in the Hawks Prairie area.  They have been a faithful and awesome couple to our church.  They bring a lot of passion, excitement, and energy to our church family and I’m excited to see what God is going to do through their CityGroup.  This is another great milestone for our church family.

Thirdly, I’m excited about this Sunday because we are going to be talking about HOPE.  We live in a culture that is craving to find some kind of hope to get them through life.  So I ask you: when life is hard for you, when it’s difficult and confusing, when you’re dealing with the unexpected, when your story is not what you would like your story to be, where do you run for hope?  Where do you run for comfort?  Where do you run for security?  Where do you run and hide?  Where is your functional hope?

This Sunday we will be looking at Isaiah 59.  In this passage that was written in a dark time for Israel we will discover what the true Hope is. You see, in your darkest moments your true, real hope will be exposed. And your true, real hope will either come through for you, or it will deeply disappoint.  My prayer is that you will discover THE true Hope.

Fourthly, I am really excited about this Sunday because we will be gathering around the table to receive the Lord’s Supper.  This is one of the most humble things and exciting things we get to do as a church family.  The Lord’s Supper always helps me put my life back in order.  It helps me and reminds me of God’s gracious gift of grace.  It reminds of the great community of believers who are a part of God’s gracious gift.  It reminds of the hope that I need in Jesus.  It reminds me of the mission that God has called me as an individual and our church to be on, and it reminds us of the great feast we will have together in the coming Kingdom of our Lord and Savior.  You see, I get excited about this!

Lastly, following our gathering we will get to enjoy another great meal together.

This is going to be a great night!  You don’t want to miss it.  Hope to you see you there!

Grace and Peace,