STORY – the narrative of God’s redemption

At first glance, it is common to think that the Bible is a collection of writings meant to instruct the world how to live.  The Bible does teach how to live life to the fullest.  Yet, when we take a 30,000-foot view of the Bible we realize that there is a beautiful story of redemption at its very core.  This story of redemption is what we need and it is what the world needs.  God is in the work of restoration, redemption, and reconciliation through the magnificent work of King Jesus.  God is restoring what man has wrecked.  The challenge is to learn the STORY as primarily about God’s work in the world with King Jesus at the center of the drama.


SERMON 1 – Unrecorded

SERMON 2 – Coming Soon

March 13, 2016  //  Genesis 12 – 15


April 9, 2016  //  Genesis 17 – 22


April 16, 2017  //  Exodus 11 & 12