OCC Family,

Well, another worship gathering is here!  I am really looking forward to worshiping with you all and celebrating what God has been doing through us as a scattered church.

Continuing our series THE HOME + THE GOSPEL, we will shift our focus from discipling children to what God says through his word to women.  What happens when ladies are living a gospel focused life in their home?  What happens when women play their God given role?  How do women live a life honors not predominate culture but rather King Jesus?  How does a mom and wife help create a Christ centered home? I look forward to answering some of these questions with you.

As we quickly move to the summer, scattered as we will be, we want to do a great job of gatherings as the larger body of Christ.  We want to give you a quick-look-guide that will take us through the next few months.  Download OCC at a glance.  This will keep you up to date with all the large gatherings and large mission opportunities with OCC this summer.

I hope on this Saturday you will reflect on the work of God in your life over this past week.  If anything rejoice in the fact that you are breathing, you had food to eat, water to drink and God took care of all those things.  Pause for your work, your business and thank God for his provision in your life!  He is in control!!

Have a blessed day & see you Sunday,

– Jonathan