Sunday Preview // Community

What is the best memory you have of excellent community?


Is it family?  Is it a church you loved?  Was it in college?  Did you find it or did it find you?


Answering that question is not easy.  Yet, I would almost bet that a fellowship of people, where you are accepted and can belong, is a deep longing of your heart.


We have all experienced rejection from a group of people that didn’t accept us for whatever reason.  It may have been in the fifth grade or more recently in college.  Maybe that unacceptance still haunts you today.


For as long as I can remember, I have longed for excellent Christ centered community. A fellowship with believers who didn’t necessarily look like me or talk like me, but who based their fellowship on the gracious gift of God in Christ.


I think this is why I am looking forward to Sunday.  I want to wrestle with you over the topic of community found in Philippians 2.  I want us to receive a fresh look at Christ centered community.  I want us to beg God together to accomplish his desire of making us one even as the Father, Son & Spirit are one.


I look forward to seeing you Sunday!


– Jonathan