OCC family,

It is so hard to believe we are almost 4 months into 2015.  It seems just like yesterday we were sitting at round tables at the Olympia Center sharing our desire for 2015.

I’m not sure I have been more excited for a sermon series than I am right now.  This Sunday we will be kicking off a 3 part series we are calling THE HOME + THE GOSPEL.

For this Sunday I will be teaching on Discipling Children.  This is got to be one of the most rewarding, fun, convicting and difficult areas in our family.  We love talking about God and his great power with our children.  We love it when our children want to talk about Jesus.  Teaching our middle child to pray during this stage is so much fun.

Yet there are times we get it way wrong in our home.  I get self-centered, love my work too much and lean often toward the law rather than grace.  I easily default to thinking my kids will somehow be discipled without much intentionality on my part.

I am excited about Sunday’s sermon for my family and yours.  I hope you will be challenged along with me to parent well.  If you have yet to be blessed with children I hope you will hear stuff you can tuck away for the future.  I pray this will start some really good conversations in your CITYgroups around discipling children.  Before Sunday I encourage you to read Deuteronomy 6.  This will set things up really well.

Also this Sunday we will be celebrating the resurrection through baptism.  This is one of the ways we get to put the gospel on display.  Those who will be baptized get to publicly express their faith in the completed work of Christ!  Can’t wait to enjoy this moment with everyone.

Our Olympia City Church Tshirts are in!  You can pick up your shirt before or after our gathering.

Following our gathering we will get to enjoy a meal together.  I hear there are going to be some pretty awesome desserts, so you don’t want to miss it!

– I can’t wait to see everyone on Sunday!