Our Easter Celebration was excellent!

There were a few things that stood out for me.  First, the artwork that was displayed was incredible.  Our very own Brandon Fryxell creatively depicted for us the cross and tomb.  At our next gathering we will be displaying his depiction of the resurrection.  You don’t want to miss seeing all three displayed.  Second, taking communion together was not just needed but perfect.  Obeying Jesus in observing communion, helps keep our eyes focused on the completed work of Jesus who defeated sin, death and the grave.

As you walk through this week I hope you will be reminded of the rugged rescuing love of God through Jesus.  I had such a great time looking at John 3:16 and the incredible love of God with you.  God in his leaning in sent Jesus to pay the debt that we owed.  So there is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ!  This is good news!

Our next worship gathering will be April 26.  You can find more info here WORSHIP GATHERING.  This will be a baptism Sunday.  If you have yet to publicly express faith in Jesus through baptism, please contact us so that you can be a part of this big day!

In between our worship gatherings we get to gather in CITYgroups.  Together we get to live everyday life with gospel intentionality reminding each other of the gospel.  This is where we obey loving and caring for one another.  Make sure you take advantage of your CITYgroup!

Have a great week following Jesus as a life-long disciple who makes disciples.  Looking forward to April 26!

– Jonathan